After growing up in the rural Mysuru, moving to the city in 2011 marked the beginning of my scientific career. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology in 2014 at Yuvaraja’s College, Mysuru. I knew I wanted to continue studying Biology after my undergrad. The same year I joined Masters in Zoology at the University of Mysore and graduated in 2016. During the final year my masters, My dear friend Dr. Thomas Wolfers handed me a book entitled ‘Mutation-Driven Evolution’, written by Masatoshi Nei, a Japanese evolutionary biologist. Reading the book, I had decided that I would pursue my further studies in Evolutionary biology. Shortly after my masters in 2016, I began my Ph.D. in Genetics and Evolutionary biology under the supervision of Prof. N. B. Ramachandra, at the Department of Genetics and Genomics, University of Mysore.
My Ph.D. project investigates the role of faster evolution of certain genes in the process of speciation in Drosophila. I’m currently studying the evolution of olfactory and gustatory receptor genes which are responsible for mate recognition in flies. The journey of my Ph.D. has far been very exciting and I have grown tremendously as an independent thinker and researcher.
Outside the lab, you can find me cycling, communicating science or at the theatres watching plays. I am also passionate about literature, music, and art. I recently wrote lyrics to an album of 8 songs on environmental awareness. I love music as much as I love science, I practice light music and occasionally perform at concerts. I illustrate science, especially concepts of evolutionary biology and post them in social media to reach science to the common public. I also visit schools and engage students in discussions on science concepts. I believe all scientists have a responsibility to communicate what we do in the lab to the common public. The world is what it is today because of science, and we need the next generation to know just how life-changing being a scientist can be.



Evolutionary genetics

I study the rapid evolution of candidate speciation genes and look for the signature of positive selection and positive selection has shaped the evolution of those genes

2016- Current 

University of Mysore

Ph.D. in Genetics


University of Mysore 

Master of Science in Zoology


Yuvaraja's College, University of Mysore,

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, Botany and Zoology)

Behavioral genetics

I'm interested in understanding the mechanism of mate recognition and how selection acting on these cues can cause reproductive isolation between incipient species 

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